Saturday, 1 March 2008


Following on from Uma Thurman, Duck With Quiff, here is a Robert De Niro. Ok, so strickly speaking it isn't De Niro. You have to admit though the baby blackbird bears a strking resemblance to "Travis Bickle", De Niros' character in Taxi Driver. You know the famous scene where he is seen repeating "You looking at me?" Perhaps this is just me then? Anyone with me on this?

The blackbird above was one of 4 that was actually nesting in our garden, under the kitchen window tucked away in a conifer. For days i had that eerie feeling of someone was watching me, only to discover a mother blackbird popping her head out to look into the kitchen. All 4 chicks hatched and the one above is 2 days old in this pic. This was his first outing away from the nest. After a week all birds flew safely away to explore the island.

Latest Isle Of Man news is congtatulations to Zoe Gilling being voted 2007 Olympic Athlete of the Year for Ski and Snowboard by the BOA. Quite an achievement when you consider the island isn't exactly on the hotspot list of places than spring to mind as being a mecca for snowboarders. Lucky if we get 3 snowflakes a year.


No. Far too clever to be seen. Think they are now masquerading as manx residents!


Anonymous said...

Could you put this on your facebook gallery for me with the caption

Amy C.

Anonymous said...

No i'm looking at you!

Do you know who i am yet? Clue. You wore red thigh boots,painted leather jackets, dranks pils from a bottle. Ring any bells about the venue?


babooshka said...

Hi Amy,

It's on already under birds. Email me the caption you want if it's something different to what i've titled it?