Monday, 17 March 2008


Happy St Patrick's Day. That's especially for my friend Micheal, or should i say "Mehall." There are so many Micheal's, that he is Mehall pronouced as if " i was standing in me hall" with a very broad generic "oirish" accent. Message to his mom. He was a very good boy and went to church. Then he was a very bad boy and went to the pub. On the plus side this means he will have to have an extra visit to confess he was at the pub on a monday night. Barker(my other half) and I only accompanied him you understand to be polite. Honest.

Very traumatising eXperience today, I got locked in a bank. No, really. An island power cut which meant lockdown. Now, having left the banking fraternity recentlty on this mad whim of "I'm going be a photographer, so long farewell you boring little jobsworths"the last thing I needed was to be imprisoned in a confined space, with the people i had been satirising on facebook, and my blog, in the very buliding i had been kicking and screaming to get out of for a year. Never keep your bank account at the bank you have just left!

Finally escaped but will now be booking my session with Dr Melfi( I believe she has a vacancy now Tony Soprano no longer requires her services) to analyse my ordeal. No doubt the power cut will all be my mother's fault and i was trying to climb back into the comfort of the womb by getting myself locked in the bank, the safety net of my old sensible job. No it was just bad luck. Or was it? You never know on this island.

Latest news on the Manx Electric Railway Society cancelling the one and only rail link between Ramsey and Laxey that i was banging on about in one of my older posts. My threats to them, well they have relented. That is to say they will be running the service, but one way. Which way i don't know, but perleeease can the see that this is just not bloody practical. Half the battle won, but the war rages on. So then do I.

My anti photoblog pic today is an obliging herring gull who I asked kindly if he would try a landing shot for me. He used his stunt double instead and i gave him a fish head as a reward. I always promised to give him a mention. I don't know, everyone's a bloody wannabe star this days.


Unfortunately still locked in the bank. He was able to run fast enough, being a wallaby he just bounced a lot. A rescue plan is underway, if my therapy is sucessful.


Anonymous said...

We're not worthy.

I miss your smile more than I can tell you.It has been boring without you at work.

You really are good at taking photos.

Stay in touch,


Faizal said...

hi babooshka.. glad to have your another comment on my blog..

thanks for the info of your place, I hope it will be useful for me..

one day if you have opportunity, come visit Malaysia..

glory glory Man Utd.. they have the best player in the world.. :)

hey babooshka, I'm wondering, how come that picture has a purple effect.. is it natural?? the water have purple effect..

Keep snaping nice pictures.

Lily on the Road said...

hope you did a cash grab while you were there. If I ever get over for a visit, just let me know which way the train is running that day!!!


Anonymous said...

You should be saving this stuff for a book. It's side splitting


Faizal said...

hi babooshka.. oh really? so the purple effect is because of the boats? that's cool..

Yeah, I ready have technorati to get better traffic.Plus the, I just use it for a few weeks. In consideration to use webflux, zimbio and other few application.

one more thing, about the rubik's cube. that's my hobby. Playing and solving the Rubik's Cube. If you want to know more, you can try any link at the section of Rubik's Link on the sidebar of my blog..

Anonymous said...

Likewise, you have so many birds that I have never seen. I just looked up the grey wagtail and he is indeed a pretty bird. Now the gull, that we do have!