Saturday, 15 March 2008



Today i have been chasing birds. Should i clarify, chasing feathered friends to photograph. As you can see by the pic above not very not very succesfully. The pic is actually quite misleading as for most of the day it was wet, wet, wet, grey, and dull. Took the image above in the one minute of sunshine we had. It's called Pink Blush. Well to be honest, i am clueless as to what the flower is actually named, so have duly entitled it Pink Blush. Quite often you will see my photographs of flora have exotic or imaginative names. Nothing to do with my surreal slant on the world, just that i am ignorant of such things. My friend Joanne the gardener will be tut tutting round about now reading this part of the blog.

I have just been reminded though that i can rattle off a latin plant names at will. This is not a party trick but goes back to our quiz days. The world of Pub Quizzing in the UK is cut throat. Ramsey has it's own quiz league, and we used to play for the Swan. Really it's just a way to fill the pubs/bars on a quiet night especially in winter. I am left with mental scars that run deep of too many nights out arguing with an opposing team who are so analally retentive that they mark you wrong on the account you didn't dot the i's in the right place or used a green pen. Feeding and chasing birds to photograph is relatively sedate, but unlike the pub quiz, it's a safe hobby. Well mostly safe, almost fell into the harbour chasing a cormorant, but apart from that it's danger free.

Well i managed to blag my way through this post after several southern comforts. Unfortunately though, completely forgotten what my original post was due to be about. No doubt i will read tomorrow and wonder why the incoherrent wafflings of quizzes and pub leagues instead of, well whatever it was i should have been posting.


Last seen geting his quiz scored verified, afterall he has a pint riding on it.


Faizal said...

wahhh.. you have a great photos on your blog. I like. The photo on the top of your blog, the tree with purple surrounding, so cool. Nice work.

Have time to drop by my blog and leave the comment there.

warmest regard from malaysian blogger.

Tom Foolery said...

Great photo and wit! TFX

Anonymous said...

So pretty. Such rich colors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

You need to stop the blog and start a book.

Jacqui x

Island Rambles Blog said...

I have become a fan...I am so glad you decided not to do a serious blog on one photo, now you enrich all of our lives with your witty banter on everything and anything..yes a book would be good...cheers...keep your style of writing, there are far too many serious blogs with big agendas. You have it all, you can write and you got the photos too!!!