Saturday, 29 March 2008


OK. It's saturday, the southern comfort is out( well out the bottle but wending it's merry little way into merry little me) and I'm about to publish a post that contains a less than flattering image of a Top Gear presenter, that Barker has just rattled off the pen.

Naughty, naughty, very naughty Jeremy Clarkson. Well it seems he's not so naughty afterall. Well as a celebrity( an Isle of Man resident too) he's deemed a good boy. The rest of us of course would be hung drawn and quartered for using a moblie/cell phone whilst driving, not a hands free one. I'm talking about an all singing all dancing hold me tightly buddy while I bark down the line at you phone with one hand only on the wheel one. Ooh the nerve!

After the Daily Mirror printed a photograph taken by fellow drivers, clearly showing him holding the phone whilst driving, he was questioned by the police. Guess what.?The police have said there is not enough evidence to prosecute. Translation of this means- "There is plenty of photographic evidence, but as Mr Clarkson is a celebrity, and not a member of the great unwashed general public, shall we just er forget about it, along with Kate Moss and Pete Doherty's litte cocaine habits."

So egged on by Babooshka, Barker duly knocked up this little satirical cartoon, which egged on by Barker I have uploaded. Oh dear.

Oh, the anti photoblog photo. It's a TT one, from 2006. Pierre mentioning sidecars made me think about theses pics. Back to the pic(going off at far too many tangents tonight). The rider is Adrian Archibald. Don't attempt to photograph whizzing motorbikes at well over a hundred unless you have a decent speed setting on your camera. Try and keep the ISO low 200 to 4OO. Blah Blah. Sorry drifting into photo tip nonsense, that's the other blog.


Has been arrested on grounds of being drunk and disorderly, but sure gis celebrity status here in this blog means he will not be prosecuted.


Jacqui said...

Two pictures. That's spoiling us.
You two are just so talented. Bookmarked already and will pass on links.

Faizal said...

nice nice... I like picture of motorbikes..

Anonymous said...

Excellent TT action shot.How did you get so close?

laxeylass said...

I love Adrian. I love this photo.
Clarkson is a idiot for what he said about what should happen to motorbike riders.


Excellent photo, excellent, if slightly iffy subject matter cartoon.

pierre l said...

Hello Babooshka. The pictures I ordered on Friday night have just arrived, and they are very nice indeed (mostly sidecars, of course, but others as well; they were from the "j k hards photography link on the sidebar). I will go and explore your other photo links as well.

babooshka said...

Hi Pierre,

So not a Paris connection?

I have been very lazy and not uploaded photos to my sites for a while. Will start again today. Have over a hundred TT motorbikes which i just never got round to doing need a sort out of my photo library.Glad you like the phohots.Do try and keep the prices low for the online stuff. Do any of the Links on the left ring a bell?