Friday, 21 March 2008


It all started so well. Barker and I both off, no photography today, no cartoon for the BBC for Barker to summit this week, so we headed for the pub, The Plough, with the Flying Flynn in toe.
Hundreds of packets of crisps and several lagers( no spirits, having a spirit free day) later I discovered my beloved West Bromwich Albion, a football team I have been following since I was in the womb were playing, and it was on the pub big screen. Then it went downhill.

We drew 1-1. Bugger. Ok not a disaster,but it was a game in hand wasted. As it's Good Friday, a chippy dinner, so Barker can have his fish, and I can escape negotiating the cooker when inebriated. Then it happened. The taxi never turned up. This has happened on several occasions and today i wasn't accepting this without a fight.

So we headed on foot for home, with me on redial to the taxi firm( Island taxis to name and shame) until they answered.20 mins later some smug git answered, and he got it with both, drunken barrels. Don't upset a drunken Babooshka, it is not a pretty site. One humiliated radio controller later and I passed the phone to Barker. Having turned the controller into a gibbering wreck, Barker calmly negotiated our next move, the very next taxi we book will be a free ride. God help him if he fails to turn up, because i will be straight in the office.

Bad customer service is annoying, no service at all is intolerable. Being British. I am supposed to bite my stiff upper lip and grumble, but not complain.Well balls to that. Wake up Isle of Man services, and get with the programme. Even here we have alternatives and message to Island Taxis, I can always use Crennalls.

On a lighter note here's the pic. It's called "Still Blue", taken early evening at Mooragh Park. Photographing over water is always good because the light bounces which intensifies colours, hence the blue hue, so no need for filters. Ooh, real photography advise for a change.


He nicked my taxi.


coimbra said...

Anonymous said...

You make me want to come right over to your little island, your photogrpahs are real pretty.

Faizal said...

hehehehe.. West Brom again babooshka?? :)..

hope to be in isle of man one day.

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy your photographs?they are absolutely gorgeous.

I have emailed you, don't have a blog.



Gail's Man said...

Thanks for your first visit and leaving a message. I knew you had to be a fellow Kate Bush fan after calling yourself Babooshka. I've never been to the IOM, so hope to see some good pictures of the island.

Happy Easter

Terry Delany said...

Really cool clear blue. I have rediscovered your blog and have to say it's comely along nicely.