Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Below is the full story of the release from prison of one of our celebrity residents, the bcc radio dj,
Andy Kershaw. Report from The Times

Andy Kershaw was released from jail and told to go home to his mother yesterday after being arrested only days after his initial release from prison.

The former BBC Radio 1 DJ and Radio 3 presenter was arrested on Sunday afternoon for breaching a restraining order to stay away from Juliette Banner, 42, his ex-partner who lives on the Isle of Man with their children.

Two days earlier Kershaw, 48, had been released from prison after serving 44 days of a three-month sentence for the same offence. “Don’t come back,” an officer told him as he left. Kershaw appeared in court where the judge heard he had suffered “emotional meltdown” after Catherine Turner, his new partner, told him that their relationship was over.

Michael Moyle, a High Bailiff, told Kershaw that he “cut a miserable and pathetic figure” but agreed to suspend for two years a six-month jail term for pleading guilty to breach of the restraining order if Kershaw agreed to sort out his personal problems.

Eileen Kershaw, 73, the mother of the presenter, told the court that she would look after him. Outside of court Kershaw hugged his mother and told her: “I won’t squander this chance.”

The Times.

Oh dear, naughty boy. Andy Kershaw has been a big influence on the modern day music scene here, and it has to be said without him the Peel Bay music festival may not have taken place. Bye Bye, and good luck.

The pic today is entitled "Gothic Tulip"and i thought it was very apt with the leaving of a celeb resident, as the tulip looks very crestfallen, like Andy Kershaw around town these days.

Full of a shitty little cold, so feeling very sorry for myself, and very lazy with my blog post, ripping the story straight out of the newspaper.


Outside the Trawlerman with a bag of fish and chips. Ok , no that was a lie. It was The kebab Shop.


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Totally awesome image.

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I checked out your latest galleries, and have bought this photograph for my new house.

Well done Jane,your're really going places with the photography. I am so jealous.



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My GOD!!Amazing image!!As if in dream!!!Thank u so much 4 sharing such photos...good going....

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