Sunday, 2 March 2008


Don't know what the Carrion Crow found fascinating with the tissue, but it reminded me of the film character, Gollum from Lord Of The Rings with his "precious." He wouldn't part with it, even for a juicy worm. Anyway, on a photographic note, thought the subject would be enhanced as a straight down the line classic black and white shot, emphasizing the contrasting black of the crow with the stark white of the tissue.

Speaking of Lord Of The Rings,( well i was not you) did you know one of it's stars is an Isle Of Man resident, John Rhys-Davies , or Gimli the dwarf. Wonder if he has ever met any of the Manx Fairy folk? Should you find youself on the island and you drive/walk over the Fairy Bridge, be sure to say hello. It is considered bad luck not too. It's also rude, they can be easily offended you know.


No sighting of wallabies, fairy folk or hobbits. Obvioulsy all away on some sort of quest to triumph over evil. Must be across then, the UK.


Anonymous said...

Is that real bird?

Designs by CK said...

LOVE the crow picture!!! '-)

PS: Thanks for stopping by and the well wishes on mine!

Chris :)

Anonymous said...

Edgar allen poe ish. very gothic.


It was the Tache.Know who i am now?

babooshka said...

moonchild i have narrowed you down to 5 possibles. I will get it. yes went to the tache, flashmans, i did paint leather jackets. Did you go to the blue room or the royal oak?

am i going to kick myself when i find out who you are?