Tuesday, 18 March 2008


"The seagull has landed" should actually have been applied to yesterdays pic but after the bank false impriosonment( liberty taking with the truth i know) my puns weren't up ( or down depending on your viewpoint) to scratch. So today i will enlighten you as to how and when this pic was taken. Again it's a genuine pic, not a particuarly good shot, in fact it's crap technically and too dark, but it's an opportunist shot.

So, at my old house, there were these two herring gulls went into a pub. No i mean fighting in the back garden. Why they chose my garden i do not know. Tried to seperate them with a broom, and the weaker one flew into the house and proceeded to have a mad half hour flying about. Managed to shoo the other one away. By this time the gull above had decided to sit where you see him now. At this point in the proceeding i just had to take his pic, having texted Barker to tell him we had a gull in the kitchen. Now even for me this seemed in the realms of fantasy, as only so much can happen to one person, so pictorial evidence was required.

Now getting him out was another challenge in itself. More shooing with brooms until he retreated to the garden , straight behind the oil burner. More problems. He sat there for about 2 hours, came out of his own accord, flew off and left me with big pile of seagull shit as a parting gift for my trouble, and you have no idea how much a scared seagull can poo. Thus ends another one of my "it really happened, no i'm not lying, drunk or on drugs, this is just my life" tales.

Well, we are still none the wiser as to which way the train will run. No logical explanation given for the powercut. I think it might be somekind of X Files secret tagging thing they were doing. Probabaly whole island kidnapped and tagged, and we have been implanted with this false scenario of a powercut and lock in. Ok just me then?


It's not a wallaby, it's an alien with a cloaking devise, thus explaining why he is so elusive.


RnB said...

Thanks for the welcome to Blogger

glad U liked the poem. It's naturally about my ethnicity, disability, and in general how I think about my place in the world.

That Gull indoors must have been a freakin crazy experience

take it easy

Lola said...

Finally got round to adding you to my blogroll... Keep up the good work, hope the Manx railway relents.

Lily on the Road said...

does Alfred Hitchcock come to mind?? Just asking.....

nothing worse than scared seagull poop...

Anonymous said...

Blimey O'reilly that's a funny photograph.

Should of had it in a pie.

Mind if i pass it around Aus.

Oz From Aus.

Geoffe said...

Too funny. Looks like he is taking a bath.

Faizal said...

hahahaha... nice bird la babooshka..

i want to ask, are you ever see people play Rubik's Cube in Isle of Man?

Anonymous said...

Is this real? Cool photo just crazy.