Thursday, 27 March 2008


The killer cones have somewhat disappeared. Obviously they have all been rounded up, those without permits sent back to the mainland, or in fact from Planet Coneworld their natural home, either way we are cone free.

Been quite a blue sky day, after the initial drizzly start. Spent some quality time with the camera. Had to spoil it somehow, shopping.

Shoprite is the local supermarket, but as of today I shall refer to it as Shopshite. Since christmas they seemed not have bothered to keep a rolling stock. By monday basics like coffee, bread and milk have gone by lunchtime, not to be replenished until thursday. Hello, Shopshite, these are staple products! You buy bread and milk locally, in fact Ramsey Bakery is directly opposite, so no excuses about transportation. No ferries cancelled due to a raindrop, or no flights delayed due to a butterfly flapping his wings twice. While i'm on the subject, why the hike in prices on these items( and locally produced meat)? No excuses about , The Budget, global wheat shortage, or the farmers are getting a bigger cut. Just not true, not here anyway.

Stock up, shape up, stop massaging the prices several times a week. We have this marvellous new invention now called the internet and guess what we have a hotline to Tesco's online home delivery.

Another pic of Mooragh lake, Mooragh Park. Taken this shot several times before, but always best when the water is breeze free, gives the lake a glassy sheen with perfect reflectons. I refer to these houses as the Dolls houses, if you look closely they are all pastel shades, and superbly twee. Please don't be offended if you live there, it's called a compliment, albiet in an ironic way.


Still searching the shelves at shopshite for a pint of milk.


Lily on the Road said...

I can't believe they do re-stock, it sounds like war rashions!!

Love the photo, your landscape and local is just stunning. I'll have to get over to visit the IOM at some point in my life. It just all looks so gorgeous.

Manxiecat said...

Isn't Tescos coming to Ramsey?
Stop blogging,put it in a book or do stand up, but stop wasting your tales here,too funny.YOU CRACK ME UP.Photo,stunning as always you bitch,

Faizal said...

hahaha.. finally the cones gone... babooshka.. I always impressed by the purple effect of the pictures like this one.. so cool and nice..