Wednesday, 26 March 2008


There are basically 3 roads to Douglas, the capitol of the island. The mountain road, the coastal road and the all the bloody way round Peel and every Hillbilly, Hammer Horror, One Horse town in between road. Obviously the last is to be avoided like the plague, unless of course you are a tourist, then it's called the scenic route.

So today i need to go to Douglas, and of course the bus has the monumental decision, mountain or coast. Two drops of rain, means the mountains out and the coast is in. So far so good, until we get to Laxey, then it's attack of the Killer Cones. I swear there are more cones on the island than people. Where do they live when not in use. Are they imported from across, and if so do they have a work permit. Cones that haven't lived here for 5 years, or not Manx born cones would need a work permit, so i suspect they are here illegally as work permits aren't issued willy nilly.

I digress( me never). It's that time of year again, just before the Laxey blues festival, and The TT Road Races shortly after, the powers that be who control the finances, re surface the roads and cause utter chaos. Why? Each year at this time, just before the tax year ends, they need to spend the excess money left, otherwise they won't receive the same budget again, but receive a lesser budget instead. So good financial planning isn't rewarded, the roads have money wasted on them that should go to say, ooh lets be radical HOUSING, EDUCATION, HEALTH and a whole island transport system comes to a standstill. Uk mainland is just as guilty.

Today the photo is the "Seal In Peel." It's so fresh, I've not even uploaded it to my serious, sales sites. Peel is great place for seals as they come right up to the shoreline where the fishermen are to compete with them for the fish. Yes the sea really is that green there, and even I am swoon over it.


Found my other blog quite sedate, and is returning if he can fight off those killer cones hampering his route.


Faizal said...
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Faizal said...

hi there babooshka..

so it sound like a very "nice" journey huh?

I like the picture.. so Greeny.. LOL :)

Old Wom Tigley said...

Good morning Babooshka
Interesting name.. I can not think where I have heard it before...

Thank you for my visit... I have had time now to have a good look at here and you have some beautiful views.... like this seal and the water.. what a green on show here.

All the very best.. I will call again real soon.. I'm off to have a look at the other blog now..

laxeylass said...

I Like the seal

Charlie Blockhead said...

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Lily on the Road said...

Congrat's on your possible "BoB" award...that's thrilling!

Love the little seal, he looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

So cute.