Monday, 31 March 2008


They're back. Just when I thought it was safe to venture out to Laxey, the Killer Cones have re appeared. It seems planet Coneworld has been annexed to the island, so they are all now officailly Manx, no permits required. This would account for the fact that they had multiplied rapidly since last week and even have humans dressed in yellow coats assisting them in their island takeover. Obviously I am heading up the resistance as we speak. I know Resistance is futile.

I do have another theory about the cones. Late as usual with policies, the Isle of Man , today has officially banned smoking, in indooor work/public places. Now, as a former smoker(not a born again non smoker) I welcome the decision on health grounds, but dreading what the fag smog and aroma were masking. B. O. for one. Then there's beer vomit from the idiot who never knows when to stop. The perfumes and hairsparys all mingling in a couldron into a heady mix a skunk would be ashamed of. Time will tell.

So my Theory is they have been drafted in as community police, in case we have any incidents of fag rage. As they are immune to the addictions of fags, they are perfect for the job. Well they're not guarding the roads very well, I got past again.

Another yawn sunset, called yawn, hint of pink. I do these daily, so I am being lazy. No sunset tomorrow.


Having a crafty fag under a manhole cover, behind the train sheds.


Anonymous said...

Very subtle tones.Elegant.

Faizal said...

hi there.. wow, officially banned smoking?

i should stop smoke too I think.

this time, the picture look Browny... not too bad..

allie said...

love this blog! but...who is WALLABY and why are we watching him?

as for Adian Cain...the name sounded so familiar. there were several guest speakers but i am just not sure...i suffer from brain fog :)

Lily on the Road said...

We've had a no smoking bylaw for a long time now....maybe makes one notice their own lack of abloution ~ one can only hope....

good luck with the cones!

Anonymous said...

Sunsets as beautiful as these are never boring.