Friday, 29 February 2008


The pic above I have titled Catch 22. If you have seen the film or read the book, you will know why? If you are unfamiliar with Catch 22, check it out for yourselves to find out why i gave this pic this title. My black sense of humour again.

It's Nice promenade , South Of France. It's vile weather here on the I.O.M., in Dnager of taking off and landing in muchkin land of OZ, so I went for a one of my France holiday pics instead. The sculpture is quite impressive and unusual, and can be found off the old part of the town along the promenade, the Promenade Des Anglais to give it's correct title. I took this one sitting on the ground looking up, towards the sculptures against the Nice skyline to increase the dramatic effect of the torso less bodies.

Nice has over the years attracted many artists. If you like Matisse, you can go to his house, now a museum dedicated to his artwork in Chimez, a suberb of Nice, just a short bus ride away. The grounds of the Museum are also host to a summer Jazz Festival each year.Link added.

Another link to check out for the wierdest, wonderful aticles of alternative news and history about the Isle of Man is the Go Mann. A very humourous blog, cleverly written. Again link under er links.

The Amy Whinehouse closed at 86% decining she should go back into rehab.

Have added email link for any contact, sepecially you anonymous coments people, so now you have no excuse not to add your name.


Too blustery today for man beast, or wild wild wallabies.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I know it looks like I've spliced two pics together, but no, this sign really exists. It's just across the road from the bus staion in Ramsey. It's not that we don't like tourists and can't be bothered answering their questions, honest. It's just that Ramsey, is not large enough to exactly miss the hub bub of the town high street. We even have helpful little green footprints on the some pavements for you to follow. Quite handy when you have one too many and you are trying to negotiate your way to the next pub, and there are a lot of pubs in Ramsey.

Sadly though we don't have a cinema, and could do with an Italian. Well I could anyway. We could also do with a few more businesses here aswell. It's supposed to be the second town on the Island and not everyone wants to work at Shoprite or Charterhouse! Rant over. Having a baaaaaaaaaad day, can you tell.

Thanks all re anonymous bloggers. I do appear to have a blog hater, which is acutally amsuing. Obviously they are devoid of a sense of humour. I didn't say Uma thurman was a duck. Read the posts properly you muppet! Anyone who takes the time to daily send me negative comments, find me on other sites and click on my links (increase my hits so what do i care) really needs to get a life, a real one, not a virtual one.


Probably following the footprints and the picture posted to the town centre, or leaving me negative feedback. Revenge of the wallaby, who knows.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Actually the photograph is usually titled "Duck With Quiff", but I have been told there is a resemblance to Uma Thurman with slick backed hair. I know some strange people. Apparently Uma has refered to herself as looking like a duck version of Michelle Pfeiffer when she was younger. Quackers!

Here's the science bit. Notice the duck is prominent in the pic with the backgound, blured/out of focus. This was achieved my swapping the wide angled lens for the telescopic, on full zoom, manual focus, iso 400. That's the boring bit. Basically, experiment, get to know your camera, it's setting.

The "Duck With Quiff"is selling quite well at the moment as a mother's day card. So i have galleries of pretty flowers, beautiful landscapes and cute wildlfe and it's this kooky looking bird that's doing the most business. Must be the Uma Thurman Link.


Not today. It has been suggested by the Go Mann that the wallabies are the anonymous posters, which is why we haven't seen them in the wild of late around Ramsey. I like this theory. Sort of Monty Python with tons of wallabies sat at laptops in Cosat Coffee. Now that would be a good photograph.

Monday, 25 February 2008


Due to there being lack of pictorial evidence of the Wild Wallaby, Big Manx Wild Cat, and no new sighting of George the escaped pelican, I give you a very cute Red Panda all the way from Curraghs Wildlife Park here in the Isle Of Man.

Obviously the Red Panda, or Lesser Panda (shining cat) is not a native creature of the island. Well if we don't have foxes we are hardly going to have these cuties running around. Curraghs Wildlife Park has been paramount with the breeding of the cute little animals which are sadly on the decline, for many reasons ie. habitat fragmentation in their native dwellings of China, Nepal and Myanmar to name a few. So much so that they are classed as "threatened" on the Consevartion List. Thanks to not only the wildlife park, but others around the world, these other wordly cuties are currently breeding and hopefully can be saved.

Pichu and his mother Isla, the escaped Red Panda's from Scotland were of course originally from the Island. We breed adventurous spirits here.

Wiki has a great pages about them and loads of cute pics.Wiki link added today.

If you want to practise your wildlife photography, try a wildlife park. Lots to choose from, close proximity to the animals, nice and safe. Be careful wth big cats though, they might just think your're their lunch, including the camera.

Amy Whinehouse back in rehab poll, so far you want to her to go back in. Poll still open.

Why do so many people add anonymous comments, can anyone help me with this one? Is it because they aren't on Blogger or what's listed, so they have to be anonymous( which is why they leave a name) is it shyness, genuinely just want to comment, or in the case of one of my commenters just a turd, to put it politley. Feedback much appreaciated.


Joking aren't ya. Not a peep.

Sunday, 24 February 2008


So what do Kathy Burke, Lee Evans and Ramsey Swing Bridge have in common? A film call called the Martins. The film, The Martins was filmed on location in England and the Isle of Man. For once the Isle of Man isn't doubling as a different location, and is central to the plot. The bridge itself is can be seen quite cleary in a key scene behind the two main actors arguing on the harbour.

The Isle of Man has become something of a must for film makers. Many a Hollywood star and Britains finest, are to be found here filmimg anything from, "Keeping Mom" to "Waking Ned." Locals often appear as extras, and the stunning location certainly takes centre stage. Where else would you get Alec Baldwin to be"Mr Conductor" in "Thomas and The Magic Railroad?"You have to see it to believe it.

For a full list of Isle of Man films the Film Boards Link Is already on the right and link today is to IMDB where you can check out Isle of man film links you never knew exsisted.

Extra link Zen Comix. Check out if you like quick fire cartoon humour.

Amy Whinehouse poll still ongoing. Seems you want to stick her back in rehab.


No sighting, but the Manx Big Wild Cat has been spotted.

Friday, 22 February 2008


Image today I can't claim credit for, this belongs to Gary Barker, of the blog "Barker Bites Back!".

Gary Barker is the political cartoonist for the BBC Politics Show Website. The link Barker Gallery can be found in my links.

The cartoon above proved to be quite controversial, depicting the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, crucified on a cross of newspapers after his comments on adopting Shariah law in th UK. Offensive, funny, ironic, and thought provoking, everyone seems to have a view on this one.

Gary produces a cartoon a week based on a topical political story. All parties, all politicians, uk and international, no prisoners taken.

If you are into political cartoons, politics, humour, and like to see the powers that be getting a pictorial kicking then check out the links, and if you like them you can even buy them, prints and originals. Unlike photographs, they increase in value, especially if signed by the artist. Good tip for all you ebayers out there.

Todays link is for the Barker Bites Back Blog, Again under links. Link to the bbc politics show barker gallery can be found in links under Barker Gallery.

Oh yeah, my claim to fame, he's my partner. Photographer and a cartoonist went into a pub, sounds like a bad joke doesn't it?


Not an wallaby to be found. Bugger.

Thursday, 21 February 2008


This blog started out as a "mainly photography" blog with others items thrown in but seems to have meandered. So, here's one of my proper, arty farty, photographic images, obviously black and white and a ironic title.

No, not the Isle of Man either, ( shocked aren't you?) but Nice in France. Here's the science bit. Stood as close as i could to the foot of the building, lent back and shot at a slight incline upwards.This emphasized the vertical lines and horizontal lines that break into curves, almost gripping the buliding like hands.Or is it me that just sees that?Obviously had to be a black and white to give it that retro, but timeless feel. Hope you agree?Do you really care? Should i get back to the pretty colours and escaped Isle of Man wildlife? Answers please.

Todays link is my own stumbleupon. Do think this i great site, you can come across the most amazing sites. Try it, you'll like it!

Added a poll if you'd like to check that out too, about Amy Whinehouse, just for fun.

Todays tip, don't write anything on facebook when drunk. I have done, it sure ain't pretty.


Well, a sighting. Wallaby crossing the mountain road on the approach to Ramsey. This was a fairly upstanding member of the teaching community, who wishes to remain nameless. Of course teaching is stressful and he could of just imagined wallaby. All getting a bit Donnie Darko isn't it?

The voices in my head are telling me to go and get a coffee, so bye for now.


Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Say hello to George posing nicely here showing his best side. Unlike the escaped wallaby, (that may or not exist) this is photographic evidence of George out and about. George is a bit of a celebrity as he has escaped from the Wildlife Park, here on the Isle of Man, to Ramsey, usually the promenade, (where this pic was taken) on several occasions. Why he only flies to Ramsey is a mystery, must be good fishing for pelicans. He is not the first escapee pelican, that honour goes to Scotty in '98, and i'm sure he won't be the last. Scotty though made it to Scotalnd, so obviously a more adventurous pelican.

Todays link nothing to do with the Isle of Man. Fancied a change and came across a great site for anyone who remebers kola cubes, flying saucers,wham bars, pear drops and gobstoppers to a name a few, yes we are talking retro sweets. You can order retro sweets from this site. Great for nostalgia sweet fans, and for those brave enough to try them.Link as usual under links. Doh!


Only the ones in the wildlife park.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Firewater above is another of my big sellers, mainly as greeting or postcard format. It's an iamge of Ramsey jetty slats, with the sun filtering through the slats. The image was then enhanced to blacken the edges, the oranges reds and golden yellow sunlight bumped up for a more dramatic view.

Anyone fancy learning a little Manx? Although English is spoken as the first language the Manx language is thriving and has seen an upsurge in speakers in recent years. This is mainly due to Adrian Cain, Manx Language and Development Officer. Check out today's BBC link and learn a new skill, a litte Manx from Adrain himself. Not every day you do that now is it?


No, no sighting, but the Manx born red panda Pichu has made a run for it in Scotland.

Monday, 18 February 2008


Hi all. As you will have noticed the blog has been quiet for a few days. All I have to say in my defence is trip to Blackpool and Fleetwood seemed like a good idea at the time and there are no pcs in pubs.

Todays pic. is basically pebbles on a beach which have been photoshopped to give the luminous glow, almost radioactive feel to them. An exmaple at it's simplest of what can be achieved with slight manipulation. Whenever I sell an image that I have manipulated I always state this clearly in the image blurb, therefore not misleading the customer.

The Isle of Man is enjoying it's best weather so far this year, which is good for all those outdoor events. It's also good for the film industry. If you look closely, just outside Ramsey you may see a film crew in a field.Look closer you may even see a wallaby

Todays link is the official film industry page, where you can check on current and old I.O.M films and forthcomming events.


No official sighting, but lots of views around fri night around pub closing again!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


We may or not have escaped wallabies, but we do have Pop Icons visiting these shores.
Here is Lou Reed, taking a " Walk on The Wild side"(sorry, couldn't resist the pun) at the Villa Marina Douglas 2006. This concert was held during the TT road races fortnight.

The other top attraction that week was Alice Cooper, which also went down well.

The Lou Reed Concert was outstanding considering all the songs bar one were unfamiliar as they were all relatively new. Shouts and requests for the obligatory "Walk on the wild side" and "Perfect day" were ignored but we were treated to "White light, white heat". The man himself may have been taciturn but the music more than made up for this.

The music scene in general is bustling and brimmimg with new and old talent, local and international, on any night in at any venue. The Villa Marina is now a mainstay on the concert circuit for established bands, with the pubs highlighting local talent.

Todays link is for my own photobox gallery, where over 30 photos of the Lou Reed concert can be found and bought along with other examples of my work.

Wallaby Watch.
No sighting today. Have you seen it? Let me know.


Tuesday, 12 February 2008


"Red Fire Sunset" taken near Ramsey Harbour looking towards Mooragh Park. A chance shot as the light was fading enhanced the red and pink tones against the skyline of darkened scaffolding and buildings along the quay. Earlier the tones had been gold and orange, also photographed.

I find that Ramsey is the best for sunrises and Peel for sunsets but each photographer will tell you somewhere different.

Ramsey is the second largest town on the island and has it's own "National Ramsey Week." From the "Ramsey Rocks" Concerts along the quay to the quizzes and competitions, something for all can be found in Rhumsaa( to give it it's manx name)or Ramsey if you prefer.

Link on the left will provide more informationa a programme of events for National Ramsey Week.


It appears rumours of the escaped wallaby roaming around the outskirts of Ramsey are not a myth! Spoken now to several people who have witnessed the Wallaby. All claim to be sober at the time.Have you seen how many pubs there are in Ramsey, and just how close together. Think the wallaby may have been accompanied by his friends the pink elephant and flying pig.Will delve deeper into "Wallaby Watch"

Monday, 11 February 2008


We don't get squirrels or foxes on The Isle of Man, but we do get plenty of shore and garden birds.

This little goldfinch flew into the patio windows of our house and was dazed and confused for about 3 hours. Sat with him until he came round, didn't want any cats or sparrowhawks to spot him. Eventually he flew off, but not before i could take a few pics of him. Too good an opportunity to miss.

The island is a favourite with birdwatchers, and animals lovers.

Quite often you will spot the odd escaped pelican from the wildlife park, the choughs(pronounced chuffs) which are red legged crows to the seals which are dotted about the coast.The seals often come right into peel, almost on the beach!

Link added today is to the "Isle of Man birding site." Great site for birdwatchers and photographers. Take a look at the guest pics and you will spot mine. Anyone who has taken a pic of a bird on the island can submit a pic, including tourists.

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Laxey Head taken from Laxey Beach late afternoon.

Laxey comes form the Norse Lac-saa meaning "salmon river."

Laxey is home to the yearly "Laxey Blues festival," which is celebrating it's 10th event this year.
For confirmation of dates and artists playing this year see the link, "Bushy's Wheel Blues Festival."

A good tip is to check out the smaller venues and pubs at the festival during the day as these tend to be free, and an ideal taster for the evening events.

Saturday, 9 February 2008


John McGuinness leaving Parliament Square, Ramsey Senior Race, TT 2006. This was John's record breaking lap, and one of my most sold photographs.

For great TT shots of bikes leaving the ground, head for Ballaugh Bridge. Riders have to slow down and take the jump at the bridge.

Todays link will interest anyone coming to the TT 2008, The Isle Of Man TT Official Site. All latest news and what to look forward to can be found here.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Photograph of Ramsey rugby second team, formerly, Ramsey Spaniards. This was taken at a home game in Ramsey on the Mooragh, along side Ramsey promenade, Mooragh Park,with the mountains behind out of view. Sorry to say we lost.

The Isle of Man Tynwald is the oldest Parliament in the world.

Todays link is "cloudedyellow", the home website of "Gary Barker" the BBC Politics Show Website Cartoonist. Check out both links, view the cartoons, leave a comment.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Photo today is entitled "Mooragh Twighlight."Image taken at Mooragh Park, Ramsey Isle of Man on a warm summer evening. An unusual tree that just had to be photographed.

The Isle of Man is home to the oldest motorcycle road races, known as the TT(Tourist Trophey) which celebrated it's 100 years in 2007.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


I will be displaying a photo daily
This is entitled "White On Black"

Todays news. Did you know Burt Reynolds is filming in the Isle Of Man?


Hi All,

Welcome to my blog where i will be displaying my Isle of Man pics, news, updates, photography tips, a photo a day,links to other sites etc you may find interesting.