Friday, 22 February 2008


Image today I can't claim credit for, this belongs to Gary Barker, of the blog "Barker Bites Back!".

Gary Barker is the political cartoonist for the BBC Politics Show Website. The link Barker Gallery can be found in my links.

The cartoon above proved to be quite controversial, depicting the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, crucified on a cross of newspapers after his comments on adopting Shariah law in th UK. Offensive, funny, ironic, and thought provoking, everyone seems to have a view on this one.

Gary produces a cartoon a week based on a topical political story. All parties, all politicians, uk and international, no prisoners taken.

If you are into political cartoons, politics, humour, and like to see the powers that be getting a pictorial kicking then check out the links, and if you like them you can even buy them, prints and originals. Unlike photographs, they increase in value, especially if signed by the artist. Good tip for all you ebayers out there.

Todays link is for the Barker Bites Back Blog, Again under links. Link to the bbc politics show barker gallery can be found in links under Barker Gallery.

Oh yeah, my claim to fame, he's my partner. Photographer and a cartoonist went into a pub, sounds like a bad joke doesn't it?


Not an wallaby to be found. Bugger.


Anonymous said...

Fucking disgusting cartoon. The BBC should take this off the website imeadiately.Christianity has suffered enough without this blasphemous bullshit.

babooshka said...

To Anonymous,

Fisrtly,your comments potency would have been sustained if you had refrained from littering it with gutteral,unchristian language.For that alone you have surrendered the moral high ground.

You obviously looked at the cartoon, without reading it and dismissed it as blasphemous.Go back and look again.Yes it depicts the archbishop crucified on a cross of newspapers, but as a christian martyr for airing his views.It's meant to be thought provoking, asking if the archbishop was stupid for expressing his view, shariah law be included, or was he clever for uniting a divided nations faiths and beliefs under one law that includes all.

As we live in a democracy freedom of speech is still one of our most precious commodities.This is why, the archbishop, the artist and yourself, have been allowed to express an opinion.It is also why i won't remove your comment.I am free to post what i want, and anyone who comes a cross my blog is free to comment.I will not censor or remove yours, even though i disagree with you emphatically.

I would suggest however, that if you feel that strongly you have the courage of your convictions and either contact the artist, the BBC or return here and actually leave your name and enter into a cicvilised discussion.


February 22, 2008 6:47 PM