Thursday, 21 February 2008


This blog started out as a "mainly photography" blog with others items thrown in but seems to have meandered. So, here's one of my proper, arty farty, photographic images, obviously black and white and a ironic title.

No, not the Isle of Man either, ( shocked aren't you?) but Nice in France. Here's the science bit. Stood as close as i could to the foot of the building, lent back and shot at a slight incline upwards.This emphasized the vertical lines and horizontal lines that break into curves, almost gripping the buliding like hands.Or is it me that just sees that?Obviously had to be a black and white to give it that retro, but timeless feel. Hope you agree?Do you really care? Should i get back to the pretty colours and escaped Isle of Man wildlife? Answers please.

Todays link is my own stumbleupon. Do think this i great site, you can come across the most amazing sites. Try it, you'll like it!

Added a poll if you'd like to check that out too, about Amy Whinehouse, just for fun.

Todays tip, don't write anything on facebook when drunk. I have done, it sure ain't pretty.


Well, a sighting. Wallaby crossing the mountain road on the approach to Ramsey. This was a fairly upstanding member of the teaching community, who wishes to remain nameless. Of course teaching is stressful and he could of just imagined wallaby. All getting a bit Donnie Darko isn't it?

The voices in my head are telling me to go and get a coffee, so bye for now.



Anonymous said...

Bonjour Purple Haze,

C'est magnifique,

Claudette xx

Anonymous said...

Good lines and contrast.Well done.

niki kehoe said...

thanks so much for the gr8 comment you left on my page. :) ...I also see hands gripping the building in your photo, its so fab! Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Strong image.More like this please.