Friday, 29 February 2008


The pic above I have titled Catch 22. If you have seen the film or read the book, you will know why? If you are unfamiliar with Catch 22, check it out for yourselves to find out why i gave this pic this title. My black sense of humour again.

It's Nice promenade , South Of France. It's vile weather here on the I.O.M., in Dnager of taking off and landing in muchkin land of OZ, so I went for a one of my France holiday pics instead. The sculpture is quite impressive and unusual, and can be found off the old part of the town along the promenade, the Promenade Des Anglais to give it's correct title. I took this one sitting on the ground looking up, towards the sculptures against the Nice skyline to increase the dramatic effect of the torso less bodies.

Nice has over the years attracted many artists. If you like Matisse, you can go to his house, now a museum dedicated to his artwork in Chimez, a suberb of Nice, just a short bus ride away. The grounds of the Museum are also host to a summer Jazz Festival each year.Link added.

Another link to check out for the wierdest, wonderful aticles of alternative news and history about the Isle of Man is the Go Mann. A very humourous blog, cleverly written. Again link under er links.

The Amy Whinehouse closed at 86% decining she should go back into rehab.

Have added email link for any contact, sepecially you anonymous coments people, so now you have no excuse not to add your name.


Too blustery today for man beast, or wild wild wallabies.


Anonymous said...

Catch 22. Clever.

sorry i am not a blogger, but i will email you with a request


Lola said...

Catch 22 - that is such a fine book. I read it long long ago, and saw the film long ago, and didn't think the film did justice to the book. I ought to try them both again.

zencomix said...

Hey Babooshka!
I've been gone for a month. Just got back into town and I'm getting caught up on blogging. I'll get you on my blogroll shortly. Thanks for putting me on your roll!

Anonymous said...

I am going to Nice, I will look out for this. Super photography. Any more of Nice?

Aison k