Wednesday, 13 February 2008


We may or not have escaped wallabies, but we do have Pop Icons visiting these shores.
Here is Lou Reed, taking a " Walk on The Wild side"(sorry, couldn't resist the pun) at the Villa Marina Douglas 2006. This concert was held during the TT road races fortnight.

The other top attraction that week was Alice Cooper, which also went down well.

The Lou Reed Concert was outstanding considering all the songs bar one were unfamiliar as they were all relatively new. Shouts and requests for the obligatory "Walk on the wild side" and "Perfect day" were ignored but we were treated to "White light, white heat". The man himself may have been taciturn but the music more than made up for this.

The music scene in general is bustling and brimmimg with new and old talent, local and international, on any night in at any venue. The Villa Marina is now a mainstay on the concert circuit for established bands, with the pubs highlighting local talent.

Todays link is for my own photobox gallery, where over 30 photos of the Lou Reed concert can be found and bought along with other examples of my work.

Wallaby Watch.
No sighting today. Have you seen it? Let me know.



Anonymous said...

I was at this concert.


Anonymous said...

great shot

Anonymous said...

sharp shooting!

Anonymous said...

Top photo.The Alice Cooper concert was better,

Dave Q.

Anonymous said...

Excellent concert image. Concert was boring.