Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I know it looks like I've spliced two pics together, but no, this sign really exists. It's just across the road from the bus staion in Ramsey. It's not that we don't like tourists and can't be bothered answering their questions, honest. It's just that Ramsey, is not large enough to exactly miss the hub bub of the town high street. We even have helpful little green footprints on the some pavements for you to follow. Quite handy when you have one too many and you are trying to negotiate your way to the next pub, and there are a lot of pubs in Ramsey.

Sadly though we don't have a cinema, and could do with an Italian. Well I could anyway. We could also do with a few more businesses here aswell. It's supposed to be the second town on the Island and not everyone wants to work at Shoprite or Charterhouse! Rant over. Having a baaaaaaaaaad day, can you tell.

Thanks all re anonymous bloggers. I do appear to have a blog hater, which is acutally amsuing. Obviously they are devoid of a sense of humour. I didn't say Uma thurman was a duck. Read the posts properly you muppet! Anyone who takes the time to daily send me negative comments, find me on other sites and click on my links (increase my hits so what do i care) really needs to get a life, a real one, not a virtual one.


Probably following the footprints and the picture posted to the town centre, or leaving me negative feedback. Revenge of the wallaby, who knows.

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