Monday, 25 February 2008


Due to there being lack of pictorial evidence of the Wild Wallaby, Big Manx Wild Cat, and no new sighting of George the escaped pelican, I give you a very cute Red Panda all the way from Curraghs Wildlife Park here in the Isle Of Man.

Obviously the Red Panda, or Lesser Panda (shining cat) is not a native creature of the island. Well if we don't have foxes we are hardly going to have these cuties running around. Curraghs Wildlife Park has been paramount with the breeding of the cute little animals which are sadly on the decline, for many reasons ie. habitat fragmentation in their native dwellings of China, Nepal and Myanmar to name a few. So much so that they are classed as "threatened" on the Consevartion List. Thanks to not only the wildlife park, but others around the world, these other wordly cuties are currently breeding and hopefully can be saved.

Pichu and his mother Isla, the escaped Red Panda's from Scotland were of course originally from the Island. We breed adventurous spirits here.

Wiki has a great pages about them and loads of cute pics.Wiki link added today.

If you want to practise your wildlife photography, try a wildlife park. Lots to choose from, close proximity to the animals, nice and safe. Be careful wth big cats though, they might just think your're their lunch, including the camera.

Amy Whinehouse back in rehab poll, so far you want to her to go back in. Poll still open.

Why do so many people add anonymous comments, can anyone help me with this one? Is it because they aren't on Blogger or what's listed, so they have to be anonymous( which is why they leave a name) is it shyness, genuinely just want to comment, or in the case of one of my commenters just a turd, to put it politley. Feedback much appreaciated.


Joking aren't ya. Not a peep.


Lola said...

As you surmise, if you don't have a Blogger account, Open ID or some other website to link to, you pretty much have to go anonymous. Nobody's going to create an account just to post a comment...

babooshka said...

Thanks Lola, for answering my query. Agree no one is going to open an account just to comment,just a shame not being able to answer the author

The Go Mann said...

It's all the wallabies leaving the comments - then disappearing back into the bush!
Sandygate's your place for them, although getting within two miles of them without them bolting is the tricky bit :)

Somtirtha said...

Hi Babooshka,so cuty cattt!!!!!! you can customize chat forum on your blog template so that visitor can comment without creating any account along with their name...what say man?