Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Say hello to George posing nicely here showing his best side. Unlike the escaped wallaby, (that may or not exist) this is photographic evidence of George out and about. George is a bit of a celebrity as he has escaped from the Wildlife Park, here on the Isle of Man, to Ramsey, usually the promenade, (where this pic was taken) on several occasions. Why he only flies to Ramsey is a mystery, must be good fishing for pelicans. He is not the first escapee pelican, that honour goes to Scotty in '98, and i'm sure he won't be the last. Scotty though made it to Scotalnd, so obviously a more adventurous pelican.

Todays link nothing to do with the Isle of Man. Fancied a change and came across a great site for anyone who remebers kola cubes, flying saucers,wham bars, pear drops and gobstoppers to a name a few, yes we are talking retro sweets. You can order retro sweets from this site. Great for nostalgia sweet fans, and for those brave enough to try them.Link as usual under links. Doh!


Only the ones in the wildlife park.


Anonymous said...

I like your posts. You are a mysterious, but strangely ineresting person.George is sweet.

Moonchild again.

Susan and Kurt said...

Thanks for your comment! It let me know about your blog. Enjoyed your use of bold color!

Designs by CK said...

WOW ~ beautiful blog and brilliant photographs! Well done '-)

PS: Thanks for stopping by mine too.

Chris :)

The Go Mann said...

I love taking friends to Ramsey and telling them to keep an eye out for the pelican when they visit the Island - almost as good as asking them to watch out for wallabies :)

Anonymous said...

Your images are very eyecatching and enchanting,your writing,a joy to read. Witty, smart, ironic,and very entertaining.

The Warm Room

Anonymous said...

Awesome photograph.

Anonymous said...

All good solid images, but this is my favourite.


susan booth said...

Great post its amazing how things in life will remind you of your childhood, like smells and tastes of old boiled sweets such as pineapple rock and flying saucers and even smells of cakes- this has really taken me back.

I've also ordered from a company called a quarter of in the past as well and they stock a good rank of traditional sweets