Monday, 18 February 2008


Hi all. As you will have noticed the blog has been quiet for a few days. All I have to say in my defence is trip to Blackpool and Fleetwood seemed like a good idea at the time and there are no pcs in pubs.

Todays pic. is basically pebbles on a beach which have been photoshopped to give the luminous glow, almost radioactive feel to them. An exmaple at it's simplest of what can be achieved with slight manipulation. Whenever I sell an image that I have manipulated I always state this clearly in the image blurb, therefore not misleading the customer.

The Isle of Man is enjoying it's best weather so far this year, which is good for all those outdoor events. It's also good for the film industry. If you look closely, just outside Ramsey you may see a film crew in a field.Look closer you may even see a wallaby

Todays link is the official film industry page, where you can check on current and old I.O.M films and forthcomming events.


No official sighting, but lots of views around fri night around pub closing again!