Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Actually the photograph is usually titled "Duck With Quiff", but I have been told there is a resemblance to Uma Thurman with slick backed hair. I know some strange people. Apparently Uma has refered to herself as looking like a duck version of Michelle Pfeiffer when she was younger. Quackers!

Here's the science bit. Notice the duck is prominent in the pic with the backgound, blured/out of focus. This was achieved my swapping the wide angled lens for the telescopic, on full zoom, manual focus, iso 400. That's the boring bit. Basically, experiment, get to know your camera, it's setting.

The "Duck With Quiff"is selling quite well at the moment as a mother's day card. So i have galleries of pretty flowers, beautiful landscapes and cute wildlfe and it's this kooky looking bird that's doing the most business. Must be the Uma Thurman Link.


Not today. It has been suggested by the Go Mann that the wallabies are the anonymous posters, which is why we haven't seen them in the wild of late around Ramsey. I like this theory. Sort of Monty Python with tons of wallabies sat at laptops in Cosat Coffee. Now that would be a good photograph.


Somtirtha said...

I loved that duck with amazing background!!!keep going,dude...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

very cute.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Somirtha,keep going your photos are fantastic.