Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Today I have gone over to the lightside. I have created a sensible, straight down the line, whinge less, irony free zone, "Isle Of Man Daily Photo" blog. It's the blog i originally set out to do, but got sidetracked with venting my spleen on this one. It is even on a humourless, dispassionate white background. It will have trite titles, real photo info, you know the technical stuff, like what ISO was used and shutter speed. All the boring bits i can't be bothered with here.

It also means i can do any old arty farty, social photography( ooh look at the locals aren't they quaint) black and white, just stepped out the house and thought this pile of dog poo looked really interesting in a conceptual art kind of a way photo i like. Hey, so long as it's a daily photo( who i wonder will check the date, will someone be secretly spying on me form the manx mafia) of the little ole town that I live in, then that will suffice. Apparently though i have already broken the the ethos of the daily pic, (fight club, first rule of fight club, there are no rules in fight club) by setting it in the whole island, rather than the town of Ramsey. Not very good with rules.

So the 2 blogs will run simultaneoulsy in a schizoid kind of way. God help the veiwer who strays from the path of the good blog, worthy, pure photo of photos, to the mad, bad and dangerous blog on the darkside of purple haze.

Queens Pier Photo today. It's seen better days neglected, and needs restoring to it's former glory, but of course the money will go elsewhere. Will have to have a rant on this one.


Well that's loyalty for you? He has defected to my other blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting the plight of the pier. It is indeed another overlooked Manx structure that needs saving.

Wonderful photograph.

Mrs H.Brew

Mrs. Cabbage Babble said...

To respond to a post you put on my blog a while ago - I'm not sure where the Alaska photo came from. (I suppose that is poor blogging on my part to not at least reference where it originated.)

But I am glad you stopped by because I love your photography. I will definitely put a link to your page on my site, even though my traffic isn't that high.

Have a great day.

babooshka said...

Mrs cabbage babble( ooh love that name)

Nothing to do with traffic with me and links. If i like a blog i link it, and as you can see there is no method only madness as to what sites i'll like.

Thanks for the link and the comment. Again i would only want someone to link if they liked the blog, not because they felt obliged.

Lily on the Road said...

Hey you, I love a good arsty, fartsy kind of blog, that's why we connect....I'll have to go over to the "light side" and check it out.

Glad you liked my amature attempt of what's in the backyard, I'll never ever subject you to amature hour ever again, bwaaaahhhhaaaa!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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