Monday, 24 March 2008


No, not in Kansas or Oz for that matter. No, no tornado's sweeping the house away and dropping atop the Wicked Witch( of the West Midlands in my case) West. No despite the stormy clouds you see above , still in the Isle Of Man.

This brings me to a pet hate of mine(what another one i hear you cry) that Pierre inadvertantly mentioning the Steam Packet in the comments box has irked me today. The price of leaving the Island. Not forever , just a vacation/holiday.

I'll get round to the steam packet next time they bug me, but for now it's flights. A flight across, 20 mins in the air to Blackpool, England last flight cost £150 plus. Ridiculous. We are being held to ransome here, when we want to get off the island, and what about tourists. Do we want them? The answer is yes,yes, yes, then do something to encourage more visitors. Stop relying on events like the TT Road Races that have a loyal following and bikers will come whatever the cost. Stop ripping visitors off, and us Island folk that occasionally, when cabin fever strikes need to escape to Shopping Malls or Sun drenched beaches that don't have a creepy flag with 3 legs waving at them.

Ooh i do like a rant. Today's pic( called"Cloudbusting") was literally at the back of my house on the nature reserve. Barker and i were dodging the rain. Back and forth into the house, so in the end we had a hike round the nature reserve looking for birds and rabbits(bugger all)to photograph. Instead you got the view towards the mountains, with the glistening sun, and the rolling clouds. 2 minutes later, it was pissing it down and i was back in the house whinging about it always bloody raining. Need a holiday, but can't afford a second mortgage for the flight.


Having flying lessons as it's cheaper to charter a plane , than book a flight.


Anonymous said...

I understand, I live on an island and it is expensive now to travel even on the ferries...ferries go from island to island here and to the is a wonderful trip for tourists but hey I live here,..... oh I feel a big rant coming on...gotta go. Cheers. ;-)
Love your funny site.

chambilkethakur said...

thanks for visiting the blog, i think i saw u somewhere commenting on someones's blog and guess what, i liked the name "babooshka" looks like some indian magician. But i like the kind of consistency in ur blog. I am also interested in photography but for now too busy to start ig.

Faizal said...

:).. nice cloud babooshka


i think Man Utd still will win the EPL title.. only 7 games to go..

Glory2 Man Utd..

Stephen said...

Spectacular photo! I helped renovate an old house in Ramsey a few years ago now, and got some terrific pictures on the beach there over several stormy evenings.

Thanks for dropping by earlier.

Tom Foolery said...

Get yourself a rowing boat girl ;) TFX

pierre l said...

Having seen numerous references to "Steam Packet" in DVDs about the TT, it took me a while to realize that they are the main ferry operators (or, perhaps even the only ones). Sorry B if I have annoyed you by mentioning them...
Lovely photograph, once again.

Lily on the Road said...

Another stunning photo, you go girl, rant all you want. Flights are not cheap, that's why the marathon may not be happening this year!!

but we will of course stay in touch...

babooshka said...


No not annoyed me at all. Do you have a blog or website? till at a loss to where we ran across each other?

moonchild said...

Another stunner.

pierre l said...

Hello again Babooshka. I don't have a blog, although I have created a profile on Blogger; I always leave comments as "pierre l" (and you will find my e-mail in said Blogger profile). I am afraid the mystery of how we met may never be solved. I know that it was was sometime in the last ten days (because I read several of your posts before I left my first comment). I must have come across a blog that recommended you, or, more likely, you left a comment somewhere that I enjoyed, and I followed the link back here.
Although I don't have a blog, I do have a pseudo blogroll in the form of my Kinja account:
By clicking on the link, you are free to see all the blogs taht I am interested in (some of which I read every day, others more rarely). I have just updated it this evening to add all the blogs I am currently reading (including your two, of course). I also looked at the recent posts on many of those blogs to see if I might find your comment, but to no avail. You may wish to look at my Kinja and see if you have commented on any of those sites recently.
I have a Facebook account, but it only points to one friend (plus I am a fan of Petite Anglaise and the Girl With a One-Track Mind), so it's unlikely that this is the way I came across your blog.
There are some good tools available for keeping stats about how people find you; you might want to look into one of those if you don't have one already.

babooshka said...

Hi Pierre,

You are a mind of information.The stats are an interesing idea, i will look into this. I have picked up a lot of traffic recently, i have commented on a few photography blogs, and yes been recommened by several bloggers. We will solve the mystery between us.

Facebook, it's a bad site. Very addictive, i limit my time on there.Petit Anglais story is fascinating, how she went from blogging to where she is now.

Off to upload photos.


pierre l said...

It occurred to e that I have also looked at the list of Bloggies 2008 winners, but I don't think I visited any of the sites in the photography section. But "dooce" did win several awards and after ignoring her for all this time, I thought I'd go and have a look.
(It's bad form in a way to advertise other people's blogs in a comment box, so I promise not to keep doing it).
PS I saw some lovely pictures of sidecars in one of the many links in the sidebar. I shall be ordering some this evening.

babooshka said...


No problems at all with you mentioining other blogs.

The sidecars, they are actually photos on mine, under my real name.

do you go to paris daily photo blog?


pierre l said...

Hello Babooshka. My comments from yesterday seem to have vanished, so I'll try again... I visited the Paris Daily Photo blog at the weekend, and I'm afraid I didn't recognise anything; so the puzzle continues.