Sunday, 23 March 2008


Happy Easter everyone. Have we had lots of chocky eggs? Not much of a chocolate fan myself, i know, a woman who doesn't go ga ga over the sweet stuff, but crisps ooh that's another story. When it comes to pringles I don't understand the word share! I can eat a full pack in one sittiing and then roll around in agony complaining i have bad guts and swear i have no idea why. Back to the chocs, had a baileys easter egg, with minature baileys truffles. Yummy, but not as yummy as a bag of crsips.

Somehow managed to negelct my blog yesterday. Think i may have been kidnapped by aliens (or the manx mafia) and had the memory of the event erased. Time just slipped by in front of the tv and re organising photos. Can't even blame it on alcohol, now that is worrying. So saturday came and went and sunday has visisted and to be honest the photo reorganization has monopolised my time yet again. Fotunately this means i haven't been traumatised, by powercuts, bank false imprisonments, Thomas the Tank Engine(as i now refer to manx railway) being derailed or taxis failing to arrive leaving me stranded with eight bags of shopping in the middle of Ramsey. (see earlier blogs if this has confused you) No, my blood pressure is down, I am at one with The isle of Man, and even a the cormorant posed for a pic. Somewhere in the world, someone has had a shit day on my behalf. Sure the equilibrium will be restored tomorrow and the mad world of Babooska will resume.

Today's pic is entiled "cormorant in flight." Yes it's unimaginately titled what you see is what youb get with this one. I have been chasing this bloody bird, my nemesis for months now, and today, my perfect world day, there he was, and so was I.


He too has had a lost weekend in Blackpool


Jacqui said...

How do you do it?This is a spectacular flying shot.

Don't forget to upload to your photobox site so i can buy "golden wonder."

Keep it up.

pierre l said...

Hello Babooshka. I am surprised that you haven't mentioned the Steam Packet Company yet, since my friends at seem to have quite a lot of trouble with that organisation. I am unable to say how I got here, except that I followed a link from a comment you left last week (possibly on the Newcastle daily photo site...).
Anyhow, I do like your photos and will probably end up buying some.

babooshka said...


No it wasn't the Newcastle site, but thanks for pointing that one out. I used to live that way so that'll be interesing.

Thanks for stopping by and is you can track back to where you got the link let me know.


Lily on the Road said...

Dawlink, glad to hear you had a nice Easter, I with you, no chocolates, but give me salty snacks. I love Tostito chips with salsa.....yummy!

Can hardly wait for spring...enough snow, I'll send you a collage of the birds from my backyard....I'll send it to your email....

carry on!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of that cormorant in flight...glad you got that is sickeningly good with all the detail in the feathers and your shutter speed just stopped it day I will get shots like that.