Sunday, 16 March 2008


Sloshed saturday so old news, sober sunday all the rage. Remebered what i was actually going to blog about yesterday, what is a photoblog? Discuss. Firstly, a big thank you to my friend Joanne who has duly supplied me with the correct name to yesterdays pic i lazily christened "Pink Blush". It is wait for it, a red "Australian Bottle Brush Plant" (latin - callistemon citrinus splendens). Many thanks Joanne, our guest expert today.

A photoblog is defined as a daily photo uploaded to a blog with a blurb or two about the pic. It can be animals, flora, travel, knitting, basically whatever you are into, tips ,camera info etc. What it can't be however is funny, ironic, irreverent, nonsensical. No po faced is the accepted format, wittisims are unacceptable. There's no room for escaped wallabies roaming round the isle of man, which inspired wallaby watch. Only sober sensible photoblogs please apply.

I have been turned down from a photoblogging index on the grounds that, "it is not seriously commited to the ethics of promoting photography." Hello are THEY serious. I couldn't be anymore serious myself. I gave up a good job in the very boring, dullard financial industry to persue photography as a living, which just about sustains me in jack daniels and pringles( ok lying again, it's jack daniels and coke with pringles) in the short term until i am master photographer of the world( well at least the isle of man) with matching income.

So this now is an anti photoblog. It is the antithsis to a phototoblog. It will contain a daily image but will now be devoid of any useful, relevent, technical "here's the science bit info." The image will bear no relation to the post( when does it anyway), in fact i may not even refer to it at all only perhaps in a subversive anarchic way. Who needs to be indexed anyway. I am a free anti photoblog, not a number.

So to todays pic. I would like to go into intricate details of night shoots, but my anti photoblog ethics will not permit this. What i am at liberty to tell you is that it is today, Ramsey Harbour, evening sunset and tritely titled "Golden Wonder."


Has gone over to the darkside and swithced to a serious photoblog. He will be back when he realises he will no longer have his own spot, but be shunted to one side as an extra. Afterall he has a staring role here and i did discover him.


Faizal said...

hi there babooshka,

thanks for being at my blog, I really appreciate you dropped by my blog, thanks very much, actually, if i'm not mistaken, I found your blog from, your blog link is there.

so, you like west brom?? hahaha, it is nice knowing that girl/woman also like soccer. but i'm a hard fan of Man United since I was kid.

the photo in this post, i think it is full with peace and harmony.The sea, sea=peace. actually, i like photography too, but i have no talent because I'm major in law not in taking picture.. nice orange snap..

Faizal said...

babooshka.. if you dont mind, i hope we can exhange the blog link.

i have a question.. The Isle of Man, is it one country in United Kingdom. is it a kind of island??

Faizal said...

hi there babooshka.. thanks for linked me.. I had put the link to your blog on my blog.. I put it as "Purple Haze". is it okay?

wo wo wo.. about your place - isle of man. yeah, it's quite complicated.. how come, if it is not part of UK, but the queen is still as a head?

i also want to ask you, do you ever heard about my country, Malaysia. Since you are a photographer, i believe you might want to visit malaysia one day and snap a lot of nice pictures.

Brett said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! A good reason to drink Guinness, Love the blog, i have yet to resort to posting drunk, but judging by this perhaps i should.

Anonymous said...

Amazing sunset.

Lily on the Road said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, have a Guiness or three for me!

I always say I'm a drinker with a running problem!!!!

Síocháin agus beir beannacht - Peace and all good.


Tom Foolery said...

Don't let the buggers get you down. Sod 'em . Retain your sense of humour, girl. Great sunset.TFX