Saturday, 12 April 2008


There is a lovely, quaint, sweet saying about jobs to be done by the islanders. The saying, and i'm not going to attempt the Manx, is called " time enough." I know, that's it. Not exactly groundbreaking is it? Not the earth shattering verbal gymnastics you have come to expect here (why use one word when you can use 25 say I) is it. I have another saying, well word for it. Not Manx but plain English. Procrastination.

Try getting a little man in to do any household job here. We may, or may not, have a damp problem. We certainly have something very strange under one particular kitchen tile. We need expert advice.Time enough we are told, time enough. We will get round to you. We will give you our opinion/diagnosis soon. Time enough. We will at some point repair/ resurface/ renovate. Time enough.

In the meantime however, I am slowly tearing my hair out at this time enough business. I may, afterall, be cultivating something quite nasty under the kitchen tile. One shudders to think. Time enough, procrastination, or just plain lazy. Subject to interpretation as always, like everything Manx.

I have decided that I do suffer from procrastination to a certain degree. It's called playing on my pc when I should be doing far more important things instead, like my tax return.

The photo. Top of a lighthouse, one at the Point Of Ayre. For my own amusement this photo seemed appropriate. Virginia Wolfe, depression, procrastination, modern day pychosis. Well it makes sense to me.

Comtemplating why a wallaby needs watching.


Blue said...


I have procrastination down to a very fine art!

You asked me why blue?
My favourite colour, blue skies & sunshine lift my sprits as I suffer from blue moods.
I do have a piece of Kyanite, I managed a crystal/celtic/new age shop @ one time.
If your curious to see what it looks like, I posted a photo of my Kyanite piece not so long ago for ABC Wed - K is for. Maybe I should add it to my blog header.

Best wishes

Lily on the Road said...

don't you just hate when you are at the mercy of a tradesperson?

Good luck with you "dampness"....let me know when and if you discover why a wallaby needs watching...LMAO!

Faizal said...

Hi Babooshka. Dropping by to say have a nice day. Nice to see you for always at my blog. Time enough? You know, when I read the phrase "time enough", I'm thinking how some people have not enough time even though each and every one of us has 24 hours per day. Nobody gets extra one hour or less one hour.

Tom Foolery said...

Make sense to me too :) TFX

Coffeecup said...

Ah thanks for that photo, it takes me back to a gorgeous day I spent on that beautiful beach. I took some stones home for 'skimming', do you think I'll be in trouble for that? There were millions left.

Playing on the pc is distraction not procrastination.

Can you get 'a man who can' to do anything that actually involves doing some work? I wonder how they earn anything? Plumbers, electricians, plasters, where are they all????

Hope you get it sorted soon :-/ x

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hi there B, when I read your blog I feel just like I am listening to a friend....I hope the tile situation improves or grows or whatever...grin ...I love how you just did the top of the lighthouse...quirky.

Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup la perspective de la photo de ton phare.
I love the perspective of the photo of your lighthouse.

Manxiecat said...

That's an unusual way to photograph a lighthouse.The red stands out against the sky.Very good.

Faizal said...

Just to inform you the existence of my another blog.