Friday, 4 April 2008


Tried to join Sky Watcy Friday Tonight. What a travesty that was. I can't import the widget. Tried every which way round I can, but the bloody thing is having none of it. Signed up to the linky link thing(no it really is called that), did the old copy and paste, chose all the right components etc an no, still won't bloody appear. This is bad omen for tomorrow.

I would be feeling a grumpy bunny about the above but far more important things to concern me. No am feeling all fluffy bunnykins, very excitable as my beloved West Bromwich Albion are off to Wembley tomorrow to play against some crappy team, in the semi final of the F. A Cup.

The Barker has already decided he would rather do the weekend shopping than watch this particular football match with me. He can't stand the shrieking, the flinging myself at the T. V., the constant swearing, the cheering or the tantrums depending on the result. I haven't exactly got what you call poker face. I do go a bit wild, but in my lifetime W.B.A HAVEN'T WON ANYTHING. Now, they had my pocket money for entrance fees when I was younger. I gave up dates, shopping, visits to my nan to support this bloody team. They owe me. Despite my trials and tribulations I am the eternal ( but extremely cynical) optimist so I have a dream, it's coming home and for once we will know what we're doing.

This then is my 1st official sky watch pic. Not sure about it yet myself, but uploaded it anyway as it's as fresh as a daisy., a newborn babe of a pic called painted sky. Ah.


Travelled to a parallel universe, where, I rule, W. B. A have won the cup, widgets work, and Martin Luther King is alive and well and living the dream.


Faizal said...

this is nice..the red effect makes the picture so alive.

babooshka said...

Faizel, had to upload an earlier eveing on instead, My moon pic collapsed and i couldn't reload it.
Will try and upload it another night, I liked that one aswell.

Stephen said...

You were robbed, the Baggies were by far the better team, and it was a 100% definite handball.
Does that help? Not one bit...

Lily on the Road said...

Hello Dawlink, tried now to leave two messages, but to no avail....alas,

this boring comment is "boring".

glad you are looking after our wee feathered friends and hopefully your team will win....

short, sweet, and cross your fingers, blogger will allow this comment to "register"

Hyde DP said...

O dear I've seen the footie results - you will be a grumpy bunny then.

You're not the only who doesn;t like the mr linky thingy although I have to say whenever I've used one on a blog I've always managed to past my URL in without a problem. As for widgets I try to keep them to a minimum as they make for clutter and slow down access speed - which you notice when your broadband goes down the pan like mine did a while back.

I'm off fer me supper!

Anonymous said...

This is a great photo.