Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Obviously I speak another language, and it wouldn't happen to be Manx. I was asked today why I upload my photos I should be selling. Now, I have no problems with answering this. However I do take exception to the manner in which the question was asked. It appears I am abnormal because I choose to vent my spleen on the one hand and display a pretty picture with it, especially when I turned my back on the sensible bank in order to become a photographer, you know one of those people that sells what they snap.

So maybe Mrs nosey at shopshite, you have partially answered your own question. I vent my spleen, because of idiots like you, who are bound by the confines of their job, and are afraid to put their head above the parapet and been seen to be themselves. Or perhaps you actually have nothing else to offer the world so you, and many like you, sneer at others who choose to communicate with the world ouside their own sphere.

I offer a daily( 2 ) photo for free, beacuse I can, I want to, I enjoy. They are not exactly my high res, biggies, those are the sales ones, you dummy mrs shopshite. In return, I get to have a rant(therapy) get to see other countries via photos, learn of other cultures via blogging, the wonders of other people's hobbies, to laugh, I could go on So Mrs one dimentional, when you got to bed tonight, what will you have learnt today?

Another sunset, I know, but it's just there on my doorstep, and each night the light is so different. What's a girl to do. I'm altruistic to a point, but a bit like sex, sunsets sell.

considering going travelling after seeing everyone else's wonderful countries.


pierre l said...

It's a lovely sunset, and you are allowed as many of those as you like. Thank you for sharing it.

jacqui said...

Nah,you can never have too many sunsets. Stunning.

Blue said...

Did enjoy the rant!
And, IoM sunsets, or that matter any sunset, one can't have enough of.
Power to your lens.

Manxiecat said...

Isle of Man sunsets, best in the world.Keep on keeping on,they're fab.

Brett said...

Nearly as bad as the comment "you must have a really good camera", no matter how much i spend one one i still have to escort it out to talk pictures, it wont go on its own.

Lily on the Road said...

Thank you for the sunsets,
thank you for the rants,
thank you for the laughter and making me almost pee my pants!!!

Keep it up, you're the best.....

Tom Foolery said...

Keep ranting you are talking my language girl. TFX

Ackworth Born said...

I'm not sure to whom specifically you are ranting but I can imagine.

It is obviously one of those people who can't see beyond currency signs (dollars, pounds, euros whatever) and who cannot fathom out why people do things without any thought of what it is worth in monetary terms.

I feel rather sorry for such soulless joyless folk.

Island Rambles Blog said...

I really enjoyed this rant and ranted along with you and then I agreed with your rationalizations...I so enjoy traveling the world of blogs and seeing all the pictures and meeting all my blogging friends...and I feel a huge rant coming on....contagious it is ...cheers...keep up the good photos and good rants.