Sunday, 6 April 2008


It's not coming home then afterall, the F.A. that is. Hand of Posh, and it was all over(thank you for concurring with me about that "none goal" Stephen) .To add insult to injury, blogger was a nightmare yesterday, along with the server here making me yes Mr Hyde, a unhappy bunny. Didn't do sensible other blog post 'til late and couldn't post anything on this the darkside at all.So Lily, you weren't the only one with posting problems. Think the gremlins are at work to undermine the blogging community.

So after the debacle of the football I was not in the mood to be disturbed. Tell that to my neighbour, and I do hope at some point you read this somewhere. You are an idiot. You are inconsiderate. You have no idea what you are doing. The silly litte man next door is buliding an extension , on a new house...for the last 6 YEARS. We have only been in a year. Drilling, hammering, tapping, breaking bricks, for 6 hours straight. The back garden resembles a buliders yard. What the hell he is doing I don't know. The extension remains the same shell it always has been. But the final straw was going out the front door to find he has dug up his own lawn to our side, where a lovely cherry tree sits, now with it's roots exposed on his side. The idiot had also dug up the dividing fence and get this, thrown it onto our lawn. Needless to say, it got thrown onto his and words were had to the effect he reinstate it or else. Why do I have to live in a nice little cul-de-sac, in a nice little semi, unfortunately attached to the semi detached brainwise D.I.Y. calamity from hell. Ps. Your wife and and 3 young boys are charming personification of politeness, you are spoilt brat that should be ashamed of yourself. The words are good morning, not grunt, or look the other way and pretend we aren't there. You imbecile.

The Tulip Pic, Peek-A-Boo was from a bunch Barker bought to console me. That and Jaffa cakes washed down with lashing of Baileys.

Digging an underground tunnel to collapse the neighbours extension and put him in it's place instead.


Olivier said...

déjà "Purple Haze" comme nom de blog, je trouve cela superbe, un bel hommage.
Cette photo est une vraie poésie, on voit bien la fragilité de la fleur. j'aime beaucoup

Already "Purple Haze" as a noun blog, I think this is wonderful, a fitting tribute.
This photo is a real poetry, we see the fragility of the flower. I love

Jacqui said...

Dare I say anything? Sorry about Albion. You should switch to a decent team north of the border,Celtic.How does Manx differ from Cetic I wonder.
Sumptious tulip.

Tom Foolery said...

Jaffa cakes and baileys now you are talking. TFX

laxeylass said...

Very pretty.

Lily on the Road said...

I'm so sorry you are living beside the neighbour from hell, maybe one day his 'extension' will collapse and he will be escorted to the looney bin. My neighbour from hell who had a passion for procreating finally moved last move along with the six or so kidletts and demented wife...ah bliss of peace and quiet.

here's hoping you will be able to save the lovely cherry tree from the imbecile.