Monday, 7 April 2008


It may aswell be a cattle prod, my camera that is. Following on from "Trust Me I'm A Photographer", it's still happening. Cones hold their ground, defiantly saying shoot me woman, shoot me. People however, even those laid back Manx types are reacting at the sight of a camera as if they have just had the proverbial cattle prod, inserted into the proverbial nether regions.

Surely it will hurt me more than it will hurt them? Just a fraction of their time. Me. Do they realise what I have to scarifice. Space on my card, valuable nano seconds taking it, uploading to my "oh no not more bloody photos" laptop, converting from Raw to Tif/ jpeg, filing in my image library under "supposedly human", Cropping, not cropping, colour, black and white.... Overload, Overload. You see my point though don't you? Who may I ask is gaining from the deal. I can't claim this time back. I just want to show off the good folk of the Isle of Man to the world. I could lie and tell you it's for the newspapers, then you'd be beating a path to my door.

So an old pic from last year today. Just to show we have life here. It's TT practise week, the week before the actual races, and all the bikers you see are tourist bikers, not those taking part. It's also my practise week for speeds and angles. I like this shot because it really sums up the Manx laid back way. That woman was positively dawdling, the lights had long since changed, and she nonchanlanty strolled across, oblivious to the traffic building up behind her.Wonderful.

Still waiting for the woman to cross the road.


laxeylass said...

So busy.Reall good photograph of TT.What year was this.

mrs. h. brew said...

Us Manxies don't rush,life is too short.Super photograph.It could be any year.Black and white do make nice photographs.

Any update on the railway?

Olivier said...

on dirait le départ d'une course et la jeune passante sert de drapeau a damier. beau coup d'œil.
It looks like the start of a race and the young switch serves as a checkered flag. Beautiful sight.

moonchild said...

It does look like the start.What happened to the traffic on the other side? It's a brilliant photo.You couud not have set this up better if you had tried.

I have just got back from Rome.

Lily on the Road said...

exactly my question to Moonchild, where was the traffic??